Monday, April 6, 2020

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times comment in an LDS facebook group.
Thread was discussing this timeline:
The Palmyra dedication has nothing to do with anything. And They forgot the star/constellation alignment showing the birth of a covenant people and the Gathering net beginning September 2017. The eclipse the month before was representing darkness that will spread over the Earth, just before the star alignment. A portion of repentant LDS God is already preparing to be Zion. Along with other Christians and American Indians and Israelites and Jews and all the rest. The gathering net open to all. As the light grows so does the darkness. When Zion begins to come forth, Darkness increases. Light and dark grows together. God will preserve those who heard the truth and were attracted to the Light prior to things getting really bad. Both the light and the dark must exist as prophesied. the signs already began.

Repentance was preached to the LDS for years. It was largely ignored. Now God will preach his sermons, to verify who he is with. Lightning striking a hole through the head and chest of Moroni on the bountiful temple was a warning, and the earthquake removing the Trump from Moroni on the SLC temple last week was another. "Upon my house Shall it Begin and go forth". Why? Because the last house or Church of God became polluted? Under condemnation since Nauvoo and in delusion while there is no additional prophesying or amazing spiritual experiences or visitations or scripture or Zion, but much confusion and contradiction since Brigham Young. A School even named after the man who put the church under further condemnation and confusion. There's vomit on all plates of organized religion in our day. The corruption of the Holy Church of God in the last days was actually prophesied in the book that we read. A book we neglect and think that it talks about everyone else around us. It was for us to look inward. It was for us to avoid the very things the church has done for almost 200 years. The church ignored it. Including the D&C revelations where the Lord Himself condemned the Church in the days of Joseph Smith. The Lord never declared it was out from under that former condemnation.

God sent an LDS writer who has actual experiences with God like our temple rituals teach, a true Messenger sent with truth and light, or the message of God. The judgments of God (and the allowing of the wicked destroying the wicked) actually begin upon God's last house where he last set his hand to redeem the fullness. And the church was supposed to bring that fullness to the Indians and the Christian Gentiles and the Israelites. the work Joseph Smith was actually trying to fulfill in his day. Mission failed. We swore in temples around the world that if we failed in our mission, that we would suffer the judgments of God. Those two things are the reason the doctrine and Covenants says "upon my house shall" those things begin. God foresaw what would happen Among Us. Book of Mormon prophets like Moroni were shown what WE would do. God gave us extra scripture and rituals to perpetuate to help us avoid failure. So a true Messenger sent. messenger cast out along with all those who agree with him. Are people not ripe for Spiritual or physical destruction when they cast out the righteous from among them? On top of doing all the other things the Book of Mormon prophesied we should not do? End of the times of the gentiles, the times of their peace and propserity and the time alotted form them to get the full gospel to share with the world, is nearing the end. The chance for the LDS organized church is over. Their Trumpet Of Truth removed by God himself. And God moves forward with another people, to further his work. Who has the eye to see? Who has the ear to hear? Where are the Watchers? Where are they who plead for the Redemption of Zion? All have not been well for a long time. and the Very things people are waiting for in the church, are going to happen regardless of their failure or ignorance. All we have to do is turn the scriptures and trust them I turned to God and trust him to answer our questions about our own church history and direction. And a thorough search for truth in our own church history will reveal just how the prophecies in the Book of Mormon have all been fulfilled about us.

God needs to use someone, to get the true original gospel and priesthood restored. And he will accomplish that through simple means just like he usually has always done in the past. So that his Zion can be redeemed with power, and without another failure. That same priesthood and organization that was in the beginning with Adam necessarily needs to be here in the end. Not just turn our hearts to the Fathers who have gone before, but to turn our ways to their ways. That's what Joseph was about. Not just creating another Christian Church to attend on Sundays to compete against the others and performing repetitious ordinances that largely remain only symbolic and undone in reality. The failures of the past must be made known and understood and people actually connecting with the Lord, with a priesthood from on high, so the Redemption of Zion will not fail this time around. Obviously the whole world feels its time to prepare for the last days and the second coming. It's time to actually do it now. All organized religions and all people in all nations, are in need of a reformation and repenting. Let's do it together this time. The time to repent and prepare for Zion is now, before the end time prophecies about the last days wars/famines/destructions/wars occurs. And then the Second Coming, and then the Millenenial period of peace after.

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