Monday, May 25, 2020

Real Prophets In Any Day. Even Ours

Real Prophets know stuff. They learn from above and know what they are talking about. They see God. Talk to Him. Teach others what they are allowed to teach at the right time. They reveal new scripture. They actually say, I talked with an Angel or God last night... They do what God need's done, at the right time. The real gospel is not just putting another church on the corner to attend on Sundays. God needs a prepared people, to build the end time Zion temple and community (as prophesied in scripture) that will funnel some back to a Garden of Eden type period. Christ will actually be there. In Zion. Even the Father can visit earth in the Eden stage. The purpose of the "Millenium". This isn't some new form of Mormonism, another man made branch. This work being done is not the work of another broken branch of Christianity. This is the real stuff. This is the stuff that Mormonism was supposed to do the past 200 years, and failed. God needs to do what He said He would do before the 2nd Coming. He needs people, within Mormonsim, Christianity, the sons of Ishmael... from every modern organized religion (or not even in one at all), to repent, seek the real stuff, band together as one, and do what God Himself directs, when He directs it. He needs that group to not only turn their hearts to the Father's who actually held the Fullness of the Gospel and Priesthood... but to do as our Father's did. To have that same Priesthood and Gospel and Connection that they had before. Joseph Smith stated that the same priesthood that existed in the beginning, needs to exist in the end. It's beginning. It's in route. It's in process. No longer on pause mode.

BUT, when Zion begins to be established, the darkness begins stronger than ever. Those negative end time prophecies also will be fulfilled. Light and the dark grows stronger. Famines, much more severe natural disasters, commerce failures, wars, fighting and fleeing, desolating sicknesses/plagues, up to the ending of all nations.

What is happening now and in the past, in the world, is small in comparison to the things coming. I have been shown (many years ago) some of the chaos that ensues in the last days, and I could not bear to see it for long and don't want to see it again. I fear the coming chaos, more than I did before being shown a glimpse. Scriptures say the only peace and the only people not fighting one another are those in Zion. With God Himself protecting His people, His family "House".

The work began among the LDS remnants. Then among Christians. Now going to American Indians, then the rest of the House of Israel. The work among the others continues, even though new stages begin. God last communed with the Mormon's in the 1800's. God gave the Book Of Mormon to prepare THIS LAND, the America's in order to do His end time work. To prepare for Zion here. For it to eventually morph into Eden again (paradisical state Mormon's and others mention).

The temple in Zion is already being planned for. The funding has already been started years ago. This is the pre-gathering, gathering of like minded, repentant truth seekers, from all groups and religions. Those who care about what God is doing, and needs done, search the prophecies in scripture. They look for the signs. They see it being fulfilled, sometimes in hindsight. Sometimes while it is occurring.

God needs all those who care, to take a look. Those who don't care... need to start caring. This is serious stuff! It is the real deal. And don't seek, for selfish advantage only... just to be spared in Zion from the disastrous things coming! Your religion is not something meant for you to use to sooth your insecurities, or for living a less stressful life. Seek to be used by God, not to use God for selfish pursuits. Fear of end time disasters can help you begin your journey. But your intent needs to be true. Seek with real intent, a greater connection with Father and Son. Study, search, think deeply. Ask God questions and don't stop until God directs you where to find answers, or talks to you to give you answers Himself. Those really connected dudes in scripture, are examples to us all. God wants us all to be like them. God is no respector. None above another. Whether priest or not, pope or church president or not, regardless of your religious title among mortals. All are to arise. The end time work isn't about Mormonism, or any other ism out there. It's about the truth. It's about being a part of the end time work of the Father and His Son.

Group Covenant Promises - From the Lord In Our Day

Part of the new Fellowship of Christ/LDS Remnant Covenant in Boise 2017:

“I will teach you things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world and your understanding will reach unto Heaven. And you shall be called the children of the Most High God, and I will preserve you against the harvest. And the angels sent to harvest the world will gather the wicked into bundles to be burned, but will pass over you as my peculiar treasure.”

The Covenant prayer and answer is available at

That which Has Been, Shall Be

There is nothing new under the sun and that which has been, shall be... the bible reads. Things are repeated in different ways or severity.

This post was something I wrote back on May 10th elsewhere (I have recently came across new information as mentioned in the post

Watched this. It came up on Amazon Prime Video on my TV, without searching, or having any related movies or searches. It looked interesting. And it was. It sparked questions to take to the Lord in prayer.

Most is pretty accurate about history, until it gets to the present day mark of the beast conclusions. Criticizing governments for making days for prayer, is unproductive. Those are decent things being done, even if done on the 1st day of the week (Sunday), instead of the original Saturday Sabbath day. Yes, the merged christian Roman system that was used to have ultimate power and control in the past, and even killed their own people if found simply holding the Bible in their hands (dark ages) changed the Sabbath day to saturday... but getting all pharisee-ical about it today, will only cause problems after everyone getting used to the new day for quite a long time. I think God is happy as long as we are at least actually setting aside a day for Him and sticking with it.

Some of this will probably need cleaned up, and I haven't done a lot of research and spent enough time on it, but these are some of my current brainstorming thoughts on the topic...

The mark of the beast, has to do with buying and selling. It's a system our nation and other countries have subscribed to already. The very system that can cause the failure of the world economies we are already a part of. Some think the sign of the beast is the SSN. It's part of it. It's not something that is actually inserted in our foreheads and hands. God has some Seals He would like to put on all of our foreheads - symbolicly speaking.

The rich elite, search for and use behind the scenes methods to gain more power and control and wealth in the world. They find sneaky ways to control and gain power over large religions and governments and banking institutions. It is true that religion has been mixed with state, in order to gain more power and control over their citizens. Like that with Catholicism Papacy merging with the political powers for the ultimate King and Priest power scheme (hmm, Brigham Young did the same in his day in the Western USA). And the video shows the truth about that. But the elite have found something even greater than religion, to manipulate and use, in order to gain more power and advantage over others. It is the financial system that basically lends to and controls the world economies. If they can create, then lend to, and control the wholesale bank or "moderate" the economic system (ie: control the money supply and be the ultimate banking creditor of the world), and mix that with also controlling the political power holders, you can have absolute power and control. You could even orchestrate wars and other events to use for further advantage and benefit (if a country wars against another, countries borrow money from them and the elite shareholders earn more interest and profit). The USA is the end time beast where the system would be created, at the suggestion of extremely rich powerful bankers they originally trusted. Other countries have become a part of it. They borrow money from them. They print the dollar. They are the wholesale creditor to banks and governments. The Dollar is the number one held currency in the world. If they can control all aspects of buying and selling, and use and manipulate the greatest political and military powers to be in their pocket, they would have ultimate power and control. A new world order/system.. somewhat imitating what was done with Rome and Christianity in the past, but much bigger and global and hidden this time around.

The current reduction of freedoms in this current round of hardship with corona, and other past and future events (manipulating things with and speculating on fears of the people), are being purposely done for future use. To reduce the freedoms of the people, to have greater power and control over how citizens and countries use credit to buy and sell, and attempt to avoid or reduce or take advantage of in some way, the future civil unrest they know could transpire. They know it will eventually fail or at least easily can fail. There is no way to prop up and bail out banks or people, and repay all those bail outs and national debts, let alone handle larger disasters that come. The corona disaster will nearly collapse the system at present. Imagine if enough viral plagues occur, or greater natural disasters greater than any we have seen before.

The Federal Reserve system, government debts from war, the bank and corona bailouts, the USA government borrowing money from the Fed making the national credit debt too big to ever repay(printing money out of nothing basically), other countries trusting in and adopting the US dollar (backed only by the faith of the USA's ability to properly moderate and control the world's economic system using a bank system that our founding fathers wanted us to avoid - same used in Europe before) making it the number one held currency in the world (other countries also subscribing to the same system). When more people start to realize this behind the scenes usury of the people without their consent or knowledge, seeing how it was not regulated well and was greatly mis-used, and realizing that this very system is devaluing the very dollar to losing 80-95% of it's previous value (known as inflation - a hidden secret tax greater than all the other taxes currently paid), and begin to realize that this system puts all the burdon of repayment of this credit system that is near bursting point already, on the backs of it's unknowing citizens and their children for generations, and seeing it cause financial crises' and failures that it was originally founded to avoid such things... there are bound to be some serious civil protests and unrest. Governments already fear this such things from their people already. And people fear their governments being corrupted and doing things they shouldn't. Governments will likely do things to control future outcomes or civil unrest in plagues and economic disasters, which includes eroding and removing the individual rights of citizens slowly, with each and every hardship. But if rights are eroded, self defense amendments intended to prevent government corruption in the constitution further regulated or maybe removed... doesn't that set the stage for future corruption and the people don't have much left to fix things?

This currency-credit speculative system is running so fast on it's current path, and that train is so out of control to even begin to slow down and get back on the right track. We have already subscribed to that mark of the beast type of system. It involves buying and selling. You use it for all your transactions. It's a huge credit-debt scheme, and all money is tied to it. It is the Babylon system already in place. It is much more than the conclusions found in this video, which probably wants to funnel people into their religious network for further donations and funding.
God used other countries and powers to topple the corrupt power abusers of that past. A "stone cut without hands" in a sense. If coming out of Babylon is necessary, and building Zion also being necessary prior to the Second coming, what can cause the collapse of such new world order/system already out of control? What do the elite and government leaders who have banded together to control and dominate nearly every people and country and financial system and bank fear in the future? What do they think they need to do to preserve their financial system from failure? Would taking extreme measures, or eradicating rights of the people with adverse events slowly through time, be something they are using to prevent future unrest or uprisal from citizens? What else (mixed with natural disasters and plagues and health pandemics) could help cause the final end time economic failures and ending of nation prophecies in scripture? A war different and greater than before? A grand Armegedden or 3rd world war worse than others? How can that come about? Nation against nation. Neighbors against neighbors. So much chaos and destruction that the only peace to be found on earth will be among those in a City protected by God Himself?

We hear about "conspiracy theories" and are nearly mind controlled to think they are nonsense and should avoid them. Yet candidates to USA Presidency in the past like Ron Paul of Texas tried to warn of the federal reserve. He wanted to fix it to avoid huge future problems. The people selected another. We failed to see the warnings, we didn't think such things were really going on. We were busy raising families and paying bills. We were trusting in and getting used to the governments to bail out our banks, or bail us out and save us from everything using dept and inflation we each have to repay... but those very bailouts that mainly supported other Fed Reserve shareholders and banks that subscribe to their wholesale system (the system is very profitable, most of its profits goes to shareholders and very little actually goes to fund the banks we all use) are helping to cause the collapse of that system we all rely on and trust in. And the repayment burden is secretly placed on the backs of the people. That's not cool. It wasn't explained. Where did we sign on the dotted line for that deal? Do the elite want a collapse of the current system to actually happen? How can they benefit if it does? A second final, more powerful, New World Financial System the entire world would have to subscribe to? Or the system already subscribed too, and currently matching bible prophecy, is enough? It seems obvious that economic collapse and ending of nations are tied together.

If the repayment burden is put on the people thru hidden taxes like inflation, and if that isn't enough to settle the debt burdons, along with federal taxes we do see, what else will "creditors" go after if citizens are not paying enough taxes or not able to repay a loan they didn't even know they were being held responsible for? I recently saw the question listed on the recent Federal consensus, that we are all forced by law to answer... something about "do you own your own home free and clear?". Well gee, why does my government need to know such a thing about my personally held largest asset? If I mark no, what future use could they have for that? What excuse do they make for asking for it now? There were also some strange questions in the recent not-forced to answer Dep of Agricultural questions, about owning my own garden in my own yard. Really?

If this propped up (no tangible assets actually backs up the us dollar) new world (USA is the newest world power) order or financial/economic system will fail easily, and a multitude of end time natural disaster helps to topple the economic system(s) globally... if that happens, and people are out of work, starving, and losing their homes and mad at the current systems in place for actually helping it to come about, and finally realizing how the government has pretty much been manipulated and controlled with the ultimate wholesale creditor shareholders and even borrows from them like the banks do... how are people going to react? If taxes and inflation is not enough to cure the massive credit bubble in the near future, and banks cannot repay their debts to the Fed, and assets are being taken for the "good of the whole", how will people react if those things occur? How do they already react when disasters hit small areas or cities? People are currently protesting about the government having too much control over the daily freedoms of the people to work and live and be free with the corona lockdowns. Some countries like Peru are using their police to fine their citizens, and other countries using neighbors to spy on neighbor systems, for simply going out on the wrong day for food or not returning home on time. China did horrible things to their own people, in the name of public health safety during their corona outbreak. Are the corona numbers exaggerated to make it appear worse? What for? What have countries done to their own citizens in the past, in the name of protecting the majority from civil unrest? Would martial law and others things be considered necessary in such future events? Could some kind of genocide happen again, here?

Who is the New Babylon today? The scriptures are fulfilled perfectly so far. Positive and negative prophecies are being fulfilled right now. These are serious things. We need to understand it better. We need to seek what is most right and prepare for the chaos and destruction predicted there. God causes things to happen in the past, to clean things up. What is predicted of the last days? Are we ready? Are we trusting men trying to steer a very out of control system, or God? Are we too busy in modern babylon to hear and see what is prophesied, or to understand it? If we are to come out of Babylon (remember the old Babylon was toppled long ago - so there has to be one today to come out of) at some point, before the great chaos, how would it be done? When would it be necessary for a chosen Remnant of God to be used to build Zion as prophesied?

If Zion is the only safe place at some point, with a Temple accepted by God in it's center, how would it come about? What do the scriptures show? If all past bible prophecies have occurred perfectly as stated, even with some trying to change it up in the past... are pastors and priests and bishops or popes or presidents in organized religions properly warning and fully explaining it? Doesn't God usually use prophets from somewhere, to warn the people prior to some huge failure or complete collapse or being overtaken by others, like what is said in the Bible? Surely He needs some real prophets in the last days, to warn and prepare and do the actual work.

It's closer than people realize. There is so much already fulfilled. The negative things prophesied, a small version of the end from beginning outlined in hard to decipher prophecy that is easily decoded after things occur... are all lined up, even up until the end of the outline. People are figuring it out.

God does have a people He is preparing to be His Zion people. He is interacting with men, for real, today. Christ is in charge personally. The Book Of Mormon was saved to prepare this land, to be a New Jerusalem. To redeem a Zion here. The Book Of Mormon contains failed groups of people on this continent before. It is a huge warning to what can happen again, and why and how cleansing events occur. The Mormon organization failed to redeem Zion. It has no idea when it will come about or how. The heavens are as brass since Brigham Young and they are trying to lead the best they can in the situation they find themselves in. That's great, but for the end time things that need to come along, something greater and real needs to be at work. Like how things were always done in times of old in scripture. 

Yesterdays Conspiracies Are Tomorrow's Headlines

Some truths have been pushed aside by labeling them "conspiracy theories". Crazy things I once thought were just that, turned out to be real with plenty of evidence. But some theories or leaks, you just don't want to believe could be happening now or in the future.

Hows your VMAT2 "GodGene" in your frontal lobe?

-Is this what Israelites have more of? To have greater spiritual experiences and revelation? hmmm. Joseph said something about that. Here's scientific proof that the mind has a way to connect with God. And help a person to be more "God-like". More Christian. More faithful. More peaceful. There has to be a way that the mortal mind can receive the energy conversations and visions and words coming through the spiritual process, and perceived in the physical mind. This is different than I formerly concluded. Doug Mendenhall use to teach it is was the pituitary gland that received those things in my early awakening days (no offense to Doug if he hears this. He's a nice guy! Maybe the pituitary gland is a repeater antenna of some sort? But there has to be an actual chemical process to transmit and perceive those things into the mortal mind).

Can we somehow increase our God-Gene to activate more of the brain chemicals or protein or whatever, to give us more spirituality and divine connection and experiences? Can God somehow alter some brains to "see and hear"? Those shamans getting into the right freguency/state of mind with man made plants, to get into a more open state, where not so off were they. Course hallucinations are normal physical reactions, and the dark as well as the good communications could occur. Thats just not a back door I want to attempt.

Wait... if this is proved in science, can some scientist modify that gene in people to reduce spirituality? Thru biogenetic re-engineering? Is it possible to attach modification molecules to a virus easily spread person to person after public introduction? Or to a vaccine to treat a new virus, that some elite, wealthy, depopulation theorists might want the entire world to receive, in the name of global public health safety? And if such a thing occurs, even in another country, using a secret military mind altering mission... I mean yesterday's conspiracy theories become tomorrows headlines nowadays... what happens when that virus/gene modifier spreads person to person around the world? In our own land? Is the current corona virus, a test for something greater in the near future? Like a more devastating biblical plan-B last days level pandemic? Or is the current one going to "getter done"? Whatever that is.

Hmm... could such bio-engineering, a secret weapon, a war without missles, be one of the many causes of increased fear and depression and mental health issues in the last days? Less seeking of God? Being more materialistic and focused on Babylon? If lack of the chemical that this gene causes to be created in the mind, also disrupts seratonin/dopamine processes and effectually causes depression/mental issues while also reducing religious or spiritual knowledge and experiences... so those who already have those issues from nature/DNA and/or nurture, might have less inclination to be spiritual (at least sincerely) or hear from God? Makes them less-Christian and more egoistic? I think they still can receive, it's just a little more difficult to "pierce that veil"? Is this why people with extreme selfish issues, seem so cold and disconnected and can be manipulative and deceptive? To make good people and things seem bad, and their badness hidden and them appearing as good? Are the overt narcissistic elite who seek control and wealth at the expense of others, maybe wanting the rest of the world to be more like them? Self-centered, without proper remorse? Without "natural affection"? More God-less?

Be sure to read this. Is this military guy lying? Is the DOD video he leaked somehow fake? The other docs he copied and leaked too? I read that he was getting pressured for starting to leak this info and his lawyer told him to lay low. He tried to continue leaking proof, but he seems to have been arrested in some other country and disappeared and not finished the blog years ago. Watch that first leaked DOD video that comes up and read the followup meeting notes:

I know. Some strange secret combinations... too great to even imagine happening for real. But has strange things happened in governments and countries past? Research the history of genocides globally. Some ugly truth there.

And in 2015, Bill Gates seems to know all about a future pandemic, even saying there will be a flu like viral infection, unlike Ebola, something more devastating, but more covert, and easily and quickly spread person to person, like on a plane or the markets. Where millions die. What exactly is he prepping the world for and why? What does he know, that know one else was talking about? Something everyone is talking about now?

Wait, he even funded a 2019 mock corona virus crises right before it came out in china:

-and the real deal happens exactly as he had foreknowledge about? Even during the same month this mock Event201 corona virus emergency test? Matching the exact Corona Virus that came out of nowhere for the first time in people, and blamed on china and spread worldwide, just like Gates discussed and fore-warned about back in 2015?

WTH? - no seriously. What has hell been stirring up this time during the age of Pisces? And what is going to happen soon? Can such things really be happening? Alex Jones stuff? --- nah that guy is dramatic and overbearing, that stuff can't be true.

If those things are not strange enough, search these terms:

Luciferase? Order some firefly luciferase for yourself to do your own skin contact vaccinating interlaced with gene modifying inclusions to make you less spiritual:

Wait, some people are leaking info about the use of luciferase and making a skin transmitting vaccine patch that can be scanned for corona. To verify people have it, as a pass to travel or maybe be in public or go shopping. And there is a push to quickly get it out and have the entire world receive it. What? I even read 060606 is the patent number... thats gotta be consiracy theory?? This stuff can't be in the works... can it?
What? Gates is a depopulation theorist too? Search it too. In his own words.

ID2020? Merge that with vaccine implant, so you can buy and sell to?

Bill builds bunkers for some future chaos and talks about viruses being more of a future threat than needing to fortify the military: Is this stuff real?

This is interesting:


Other things to search:

Bilderberg group. The FED. Inflation. Currency no longer backed by gold, just the faith in the USA government to back it and save us all, with national debt tax payers pay for. The Age of Reason writings. Depopulation and new world order talked about in the open. The occult all thru history has been sacrificing humans to get ahead. It's the old mahan priciple taught to cain. Even Christians and Mormons got into a warped version of SRA nonsense for a time. There are more ways to do that, than just occult priests putting humans on alters. The Bohemian Grove who symbolicly do rituals you can watch on youtube, that mimic such occult sacrifices. The "cares" they are carrying in that boat and burning before that Moloch owl, represent something else. At first they don't realize, but they get it later. After such rituals, they can concoct business deals and future plans one with another. And Presidents and rich elite attend such things. People know they go there. The Bohemian Club still has a building they operate from. Employees who work there want more wages because of all the wealthy elite attendees.

Just came across this...
$21Trillion taxpayer HUD money government money missing in 1999-2000 via the DOD? Accounting fraud? Mistake? Theft? Even after the accounting loss of $70billion with HUD in 1999? What for? For use as future Big bank bailouts by some behind the scenes elitests? But they also still printed money and increased the national debt for bank bailouts besides that misplaced $21tril. Our own tax dollars laundered and reloaned to us with interest?? taking advantage of using the secret method of how the government can have the FED print new money out of thin air? Or for some other secret military deal? What is the DOD preparing for with such a withdrawal/accident? What contractors did they misplace the funds to? Need it for some future unrest they know is bound to happen? Because of the The system our founding Fathers did not want to copy from Britain in this land? -Which they only adopted from failed nations past. The monetary system that is actually causing the very financial failures governments intend/pretend to prevent? Who are the rich elite banksters/shareholders?

The Fed was created to wholesale loan money to all the banks we use in this country. It is very profitable. The shareholders receive more money from the investment and usury lending than the banks they contract with. Our banks don't really have to hold much money, because they are backed by the Fed who doesn't actually hold much in reserves themselves. Paper money that is printed at will and backed by nothing really. Paid back by the people who don't even know it's happening. Without consent. The whole system is fraudulant. No other business could be operated like that. All the nations of old became so currupt and full of secret wrong doings who did the same flawed economic systems in the past, failed. Became so corrupt that other nations over took them.

What is this the"deep state" we sometimes hear about? The Bilderburger attendees? Those brought up thru Skull & Bones in Harvard or initiated in clubs and secret initiatory rituals before the Moloch owl like the Bohemian grove in CA? Well what for? What is being taught there? Personal gain at the expense of others? What did satan say he would do in LDS rituals we attended? "What is that apron you have on? (Lucifer draws his cloak up to reveal a black apron.) LUCIFER: It is an emblem of my power and Priesthoods"... "Then with that enmity I will take the treasure of the earth, and with gold and silver I will buy up armies and navies, false priests who oppress, and tyrants who destroy, and reign with blood and horror on the earth!" That was a pretty good prophecy of things to come in our time.

Are there things top government officials know about, things that other elites are planning in the future? Those "crazy" conspiracy theories are just untrue, fanatical, right? Could such secret deceptive combining of efforts like this actually be occurring?

How will citizens react when they see the financial failures and reduction of freedoms and rights, or possibly behavior altering, war weapon viruses that affect their target and then others, quietly transmitting person to person in common flu viruses, or bio-engineered viruses and vaccines further destroying global economies and removing free agency and doing more than just old school socialism ever did to control and dominate and profit from? What happens when people lose jobs? Housing? Food? When they start to starve, or their kids? How will they react?

Denver Snuffer mentions future genocidal warfare on this land. And people destroying each other in other lands. Well what happens to cause that kind of stuff here? No way! The land of the free and the brave? Or the land of the controlled and oppressed and depressed just trying to get by and somehow repay all the excessive government spending that we do see openly... too busy to see what's happening behind the scenes. To understand that inflation devaulation of our money is a bigger unseen tax. Too busy not electing a President candidate who was forewarning some things about the federal reserve system. What could cause the loss of power, the loss of control of the economy, the destruction of the economy, the genocide, neighbors fighting neighbors, the civil unrest here? Why is the DOD and DHS and local LE who militarize themselves, and get briefed, pre-planning for some future unrest here? Why are they all passing out religious fanatic watch alerts among each other? Sure it stars out for those muslim fundamentalists, but how far will that reach? Who will be considered a religious fanatic or fundamentalist in the future? Any kind of spirituality or religous belief? Whats up with the NSA tracking everyone, right there in Bluffdale? Google and facebook sharing info that must be stored with the NSA. How can the current PTB be displaced, if they are merged with governments and businesses and banks and religions and reign supreme? How can this land eventually be cleansed and given back to the ancestors whose blood partly courses the veins of many in these Rocky Mountains?

Those kinds of conspiracies are not allowed to go on for long on this land. The elite do it, they infiltrate themselves, or merge with leaders in governments, governments ignore it or don't believe such things are actually happening right in front of them, or sometimes involved in someway. Look to the Nephites and Jaredites for fair warnings of what to avoid. God allowed other people to destroy such corrupt civilizations in the past. On this land and in the old world civilizations. What happens when the largest beast or government of all time, organizes things with other large governments, allied and adopting their financial system and currency and health systems with them? It's going to get so big, and powerful and unbelievable, and out of control, a train that cannot be slowed. What will controlling selfish ego-man do to cause such bible prophetic disasters? How will people react during severe hardships and pandemics? Mix that with some serious economic failures, mixed with the coming natural "acts of God" disasters coming partly because some things in the earth have already been set in motion. Only one being can put an end to it all. HE IS COMING. Aquarius begins with Him "pouring" out judgement. One of fire or one of water for those who He chooses to protect. His Zion Covenant people. The good fish. The true Christian portion, while the majority swim round and round in corrupt Christian religions. The age of peace is coming. But getting to that point is going to be crazier and more deceptive and more secretive, than anything this creation cycle has seen. No wonder all the prophets who where shown the end from the beginning, wrote so much about our day. It's scary and exciting and shocking all wrapped up together.

That went on too long... but it's overwhelming. The things I have already seen occur here are already unbelievable. Is it too much to believe more will occur? I hope the new possibilities are just theories. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction:(

Signs in the Heavens Above and the Earth Beneath

Earth's electromagnetic fields are doing strange things lately, weakening in the southern hemisphere, maybe because a magnetic pole shift reversal is happening which will only cause more strange electromagnetic field fluctuations. A weakened emf of the earth allows the sun's electromagnetic storms and solar winds and flares to affect our health and world more. The earth's "heartbeat" or schumann frequency has had extremely high spikes lately (7.83hz has been the average - that rate is more relaxed, but higher spikes can affect hypertension/anxiety levels), what is going on in the heavens above and the earth beneath in these last times to affect such things?

Here is a audio version of the 7.83 frequency the ear can here (we can't hear the earths sound, this should be good for stress release and sleep):

These things affect sleep and moods and even emotions.
"Research within the last decade shows that significant alteration in solar and geomagnetic activity caused by such things as geomagnetic storms can precipitate significant changes in the intensity and stability of a Schumann resonance signal. This can take a Schumann resonance signal outside of its normal range and induce alterations in brain and heart synchronization and changes in the brain’s melatonin level.
Some ill effects associated with changes in solar geomagnetic activity:
Altered blood pressure.
Reproductive, immune system, cardiac and neurological problems.
Mental disorders, depression and suicide.
Increased hospital admissions, accidents and sudden death, as well as countless other stress-related conditions"

What about the man made frequencies altering life on the earth? Cell phones, electronics, towers, radios, tv, etc. Will these things used worldwide, work in the future if the earths emf weakens and solar flares/storms/winds and other things affect them?

Will such things above, alter/force the earth to change it's tilt axis and point us to a new North Star (a new earth or earth position) prematurely (the next one isn't scheduled to change for 1,000's of years)? Denver Snuffer talked about the world seeing a "new star" near the time of the 2nd coming What other star would the whole world take notice of and have such wonder about? How do "new stars" just appear? Sometimes planets lining up appear to be a bright star to the eye, like when the Lord was born. Would a axis tilt point us into the Zodiak alignment with Aquarius faster? Are things already in motion to cause the prophesied earthquakes and "natural" disasters of the last days preceding the 2nd Coming? I mean, scientists know that all these things can affect the molten metal that affects the EMF and is tied with tectonic plates, which can cause earth quakes. What about the large bodies of water that slosh around a bit, when such big changes occur? Does that cause the heaving of the waves and hurricanes worse than ever before?

Does God and his arch angels hold power over such things? Air (solar, space, earthly winds), Earth(tectonic plates, molten metal in the crust, emf, etc), Water (large bodies, oceans), Fire (solar, earthly, etc). To align things when they choose, at the right time, to bring forth new stars, which often point to important events like the Birth of Christ or the 2nd Coming?

These things do affect the mental/emotional/physical state of life on earth. The last days are riddled with mental/emotional distress. Disorders like depression and anxiety (and the headaches and other physical affects on the body and over reactions that attend those things) and others are already a global pandemic and plague upon the earth. Electromagnetic fields, polar polarity reversals, EMF resonance levels and solar flares/winds/storms, affect those things also. It makes a global problem even worse. More than the stress that already exists because of babylon or the world's financial and ruling systems in place. Poisons in food/drugs/vaccinations/etc. And some are born with DNA making them more sensitive and more susceptable to stress and more easily develop emotional issues, which causes relationship and family issues/stress. The increased distress fulfills the prophecies of fear and mens hearts failing them in the last days. When mental health issues surface, people grow cold, without natural affection towards others. Self centered. Steers sufferes towards increased seflishness/narcissism/psychopathy/disorder. The bible talks about these things being prominant in the last days. Those things are the opposite of true Christian behavior. Everything is lining up to cause an increase of these things. It will be a greater global pandemic in itself.

Aquarius is the age of peace. How do we get to such an age with the world as it is in the Pisces era? The millenium is a part of the era of peace. It's larger, so more time is associated than the average 2,160 years calculated by man per zodiak period. And it partly overlaps Pisces, the era of deception and chaos. Christ is the one who brings Judgement at His coming. To pour out judgement. There are 2 things poured out at that day. Fire and Water. Pisces contains 2 fish. Swimming towards the Water to be poured out. 1 fish, or portion of true christians find it. They have Zion. They are preserved during that period. They have the waters of life in spiritual and physical ways. The majority of Christians swim round and round, still searching. Christ is the "Aquaman", or the one who brings in the age of Aquarius. It's His 7th day of peace and rest. Those not prepared, not having their "lamps ready", are not ready for that event. But it must still come when the Father says let it be done. One is Fire, because it represents that those not prepared, will not be able to handle the Glory of the Lord (and those that follow Him), at His return. Scriptures talk about being burned up at the last day. Does the glory alone actually do that at that time? What does it take to withstand it?

Everything is lining up. In the heavens above, in the earth beneath. Among life on earth, the good and the bad. The true Christian Fish at the last great day of judgement to be poured out. They/we are saving up funds for that final end time temple. Waiting for the Lord to pick a location and say go. It was prophesied to exist before the 2nd coming, and it must exist for many more reasons than Mormons and others currently do in theirs. In Zion. To usher in a new era. Aquarius is His age. It's not a new age for the LDS to rule and reign above all Christians and do work for the dead and fix past temple errors. It's definately not for those who seek a new world order of financial/health/government systems for greedy men to have greater power and control than they already have. It's the Lords. And He is in charge. He is directing the show. Not the Covenant Remnants people here. Not even the man God chose to redeem Zion decides or says when. It's the Lord. That servant didn't even know what God would actually use him to do for many years. He is the one, in the "spirit of Elijah" God is using to redeem Zion. To prepare for the New Era of Peace that God alone will bring.

This isn't a bunch of mormon or christian fanatacism. This is not another mormon group breaking off doing it's own thing, and end up going no where like all the rest. This is God's doing. Those in the last days Zion, truly will be the ones more at peace, and protected when things get so bad everywhere. Wouldn't you have more peace, knowing you are a part of God's work? That you are pleasing Him by doing so? That you are heading towards His Zion City and temple that He will protect? How at peace will you be, when the Lord is there in person? When a temple accepted by Him, is able to open the veil to those in the heavens above? And the return of Zion cities past, and righteous friends and Father's of old in person? Scriptures prophesy, that as Zion and the positive things begin, so does the end times negative events increase. They grow stronger in opposite directions.

The good and the bad is lining up. The stars even. The wickedness and deception here. Financial collapse everywhere is on its way or already beginning. All the things done by mortals, plus the wicked things that are shortly to come by greedy men, are enough to cause that. That collapse can cause government collapses as well. Which can cause serious fear and disorder. Civil unrest. Add all of this up, and see the truth about all the secret combinations that actually do exist, which will need cleansed from this land and the world... it's enough to wake anyone up.

Fear of the negative things here and prophesied, is enough to get us taking a look. To repent and face a better direction. To choose the correct path at that crossroad. Fear at this stage is normal to get through. But Faith and hearing the spirit of God confirming this is His work is still necessary. And don't look for Zion, for selfish advantage, to have less stress or have divine protection at some point, or to have true christian buddies to hang with, or even for an individual reward from Heaven, but for the real intent of wanting to help God in His last days work. Without seeking a reward or acknowledgement. To do what He wants done. To help others to get close to God. To prepare for Zion and the return of a Eden or Paradisaical state, a new era. Indeed an epoch one. God's will/intent/goal. Not ours. Go about doing that, with real intent, and God will provide great rewards along the way. Even the water of Eternal Life. But that is His doing. He gives it when He will. Just go about doing the right things. No matter what things you have to overcome. The Lord will work those kinks out with you. No matter what others say about you.

I have strong love, care and concern, for all people. I can't stand any kind of manipulation, deception, or excessive dominion or control that exists everywhere. I have faced lots of it personally in recent years, while being falsely accused of it. It is everywhere I look in the world. Relationships. Churches. Governments. Business. Etc. It breaks my heart that people can behave in such ways one to another. And to envision what will come about to eradicate such things from this era... It causes breaking of heart and quaking of bones! We all fail at times. Put away failures and judgements, and lets work together to be a friend to each other, to God... to be someone He can count on and have faith in, until He makes us eternal family under Him. I have a strong Love for the Lord and the Father, and all those who have gone before and assist them. The Lord is quick to forgive. He in fact teaches and communicates. He has shown great character to me. He has shown me, even corrected at times, even then in good ways. What an example to live up to. Love is the solution. For others and God. It pushes out fear and worry. It can overcome stress, fear, depression, worry. It can heal and bring in an era of peace in reality. No wonder scripture says God is Love. He has so much of it. He simply wants us to share with others what He has.

The world is entering a final phase in it's current era. Good and bad is coming. True christians have the duty to warn and help others they care about. I care. Please take a look and prepare. And show care to others by helping them, in effect helping the Lord. He needs us. Darkness is coming, more than already exists. The earth needs more Light to shine through all that.

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